Founders and Directors of Ellie's Angels, Jody and Mark are proud leaders of the charity, developing and promoting our wonderful group of volunteers and growing the brand to reach out to those in need. Both strive to help others and improve mental health and well-being for young people across the UK.

Jody Foster

I am the proud mother of Ellie, who's brave and inspirational story is helping so many other young people like her.

I am honoured to be a part of a charity who's members are mostly young people. Having worked in education myself or over two decades, I am fully aware of the problems young people are facing today and that it is a rapidly growing problem. That's why I'm determined to ensure that the work we are doing is led by young people and focused on them. It is their voice that we need to listen to in order to make changes that will ensure a better future. It is their voice that will steer the direction in all the work that we do.

I know that together with these young people we have on board that we are creating a legacy for Ellie and one that she would be very proud of too, as she was a young lady that was determined to help others find a way to help themselves just as she did. I am determined and proud to continue her work in her honour.

Mark Foster

I am Ellie's proud step-father and Director of Ellie's Angels.

I focus on the Community Interest Company and associated compliance elements as well as ICT and policy infrastructure to allow all of our team to build and develop all of the important elements such as our App 'better u' and our sign-posting tools promoting Ellie's legacy.

I have more than twenty years experience in service, project and procurement management across numerous industries and relish the opportunity to bring this knowledge to a personal platform to help others.